Bored in Los Santos? 7 Things to do in GTA V

Bored in Los Santos?  Are you crazy?  Anyway, if you are then here are 7 things you should do, just for lols….

Get a Tattoo

GTA V Tattoo

Get a Tattoo in GTA V

All of the characters within GTA V can get a number of tattoos in various different places such as their arms, legs, torso and even their head, so you could if you wanted totally make your characters unique

Get Stoned

GTA5 Get Stoned

Hits From The Bong

Really. Whilst in one of your safe houses, there are various thinks you can do, including getting stoned by sparking up a spliff or taking hits from a bong.
This can lead to some crazy outcomes, such as the alien mission when Michael gets trippy or Franklin having a winge about his life…

Go to the Theme Park

Head on down to Vespucci Beach where there is a promenade with various shops and people in beach wear.  A little way along, you’ll find a fairground or mini theme park with a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster.

Watch a Film at the Cinema

That’s right, there are a number of cinemas where you can go and watch a film.  Now none of these are Hollywood blockbusters, but are definitely worth having at look at – most of them seem to be parodies of more famous films.


Play golf!  Slightly more expensive at $100 a round, but definitely worth having a go especially if you are a golfing fan and it only gets better when your character begins to get somewhat cross and sweary if you don’t putt out…

GTA V Golf

Fore! Play Golf in GTA 5


For the more adventurous player you can now skydive much more realistically.  This time around you are kitted up in a proper sky diving gear and once you make the jump, the game physics have been improved massively so it much more realistic.

Find the Easter Eggs

GTA 5 No country for old men

GTA 5 No country for old men Easter Egg

There are many many Easter eggs hidden within GTA V including a frozen alien body, a submerged UFO, the silver case from “No Country For Old Men”, Big-foot(!) and even sea monsters….

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