Get The GTA 5 Business Update Today!

GTA V The Business Update

GTA V The Business Update

Available today, you can get a new free Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC for both multi and single player. Called the Business Update, this update adds a few new toys as well as extra features.

Clothes shops within the game will now be able to offer business related items such as suits, shirts, blouses etc.  As well as the new clothes, you’ll be able to visit the barber’s shops and get a new “business-like” hair style too. With the update they are also introducing new money themed tattoos and masks should you want to go a bit more “street”.

If you’ve managed to amass a ton of cash, you’ll want to make sure you have a look at the new cars etc.  Although I’m not sure about the cost of the new vehicles, I am fairly certain they won’t be cheap. Three new sports cars come with the Business Update and they are the Dinka Jester, the Albany Alpha and the aptly named Grotti Turismo R. As well as the new cars, there is a new plane called the Vestra which should allow you to get about a bit more quickly.

In addition to the new vehicles, some new weapons have also been included in the new DLC. The Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine both sound as though they’ll be interesting additions to anyone’s weapons collection. Again, prices weren’t announced as yet.

The cars are available form Lengendary Motorsport and the plane is available at Elitas. As you’d expect both new weapons are availble from Ammu-Nation.

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