Welcome to the GTA5 Walkthrough

Welcome to the GTA V Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide

Stuck on a Mission? Not anymore…

This guide is the complete walkthrough that covers all of the entire single-player story.

Get to Know the Three Playable Characters

In this guide you will learn all there is to know about Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

See the Mission Maps

The guide features “Mission Maps” which identify all the objectives and targets for each mission as well as detailing the fastest route to success.

Want to Explore Los Santos?

This walkthrough provides total coverage of all “off-mission” activities as well as all of the clever sub games.

Bigger Play Area

Detailed maps that cover every inch of the GTA 5 World – A play area that is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and San Andreas put together!


Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Features all the tactics, tips and strategies that are included in the Signature Series Guide, plus…

Hardcover collectible guide.

Exclusive lithograph print of official Grand Theft Auto V artwork.

A collection of Grand Theft Auto V illustrations.


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Grand Theft Auto V is a game from Rockstar Games

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